Kairos Directories is a system created to manage and create an online directory browsable by church members.

It allows the photographers of Kairos to immediately enter the data of the family they are taking pictures of. Upload the family portraits, and place the order for those prints.

Once the family information is entered into the system, then the mobile app takes over through a Built in API system developed by Microtronix, to allow the individual members of each church mobile access for browsing the directory of their church!

The backend administration porting allows communites to be created and modified, and control of submissions along with exporting. It comes complete with a calendar system to allow church member’s to schedule their photo session with individual photographers at each church.

  • Started: July 2014
  • Finished: September 2014
  • Country: USA
  • Technology: PHP, MySQL, Javascript/jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, LESS