IPSF MicroSite


IPSF’s MicroSite was created to manage their summer class schedule, students and parent registration. It allows the staff to keep complete record of all registrations, withdrawals, refunds, purchases and attendance to all summer classes for all districts, schools and programs under the IPSF system.

It also allows the parent’s, through the frontend parent login/registration page, to; Add, Register, and finally pay for all classes for all their children enrolled.

It also has a full set of reports exportable to CSV and PDF format available to staff member’s at the push of a button. The system allow’s for multiple permission levels for backend staff, allowing access to only certain areas. Along with allowing contractor’s to also login and check class enrollment and attendance at anytime.

The system is created to allow access to multiple districts to the same system, each district has their own self-contained database in PostgreSQL. This allows for a scalable system and all districts to access their own database without effecting other districts.


IPSF was built in PHP 5.6 with a multi-database engine in PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL gave it the power it needed to run across multiple districts with ease of use. PostgreSQL also gave us the ability to scale to multi-server when needed, using clustering technology to get the job done!

The frontend and backend were created to be unique from design, to content, for each district logged in. This was controlled using domain names and unique individual databases on the backend.

The backend was a modified version of Microtronix' in-house backoffice framework, cross developed uniquely for IPSF's needs with this system.

Along with all of our backoffice systems, IPSF MicroSite is completely AJAX based, running much faster than most PHP based systems.